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August, Can You Outperform July! Big Time Profits!

Another month has come and gone and we have had an absolute blast with all you at SBWS members!

After completing July, we came off an extreme high because we had a 50% strike rate! Would we be able to do this in August many of you had asked!?

Well, though we didn't hit our strike rate of 50% we hit a respectable 42% strike rate which means we almost had a correct draw every other game! We hit a historic high in profit which was a total of $8,872 in using $100 bets!

August had a few rough patches with 7 consecutive no draws but most of and probably all of our members play well within their bankroll so this was not an issue.

Below you will find out results for august 2019, total profit, game by game breakdown for each day, odds for each match, bet size and total strike rate!

We are growing every month with our community and will be looking to cap off how many people will accept. If you want to join the successful betting community at Soccer Betting Win System then please join the below Telegram Group and message John Banstra-Owner/Admin.

August 2019 Results:

Total Bets: 98

Correct Tips: 41

Strike rate: 42%

Profit(Using $100 Bets): $8,872.24

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