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Close To 40% Strike Rate & Over £1,148 Profit With £20 Bets!

Somethings never change when it comes to football betting. The bookies continue to give lower odds(not true odds) than they should when pricing a betting market and people continue to place bets thinking that long term they will be up.

The "avg Joe" continues to look for the big winning parlays and when he does win, he thinks it's skill and will keep trying again. Maybe this "avg Joe" does a little bit of pre match research and uses that info which inevitably helps him/her win a bet....the thing that this "avg Joe" doesn't get is that none of that actually matters. Even if you knew the outcome of every market and could theoretically win over 50% of the time, you would still lose in the long run. This is something the bookies called "sim" or "juice" and adjust the odds so you never have a chance....This is just a small insight into why we use this betting system and how much actually goes into behind the scenes in the betting world....So now you might ask..... How do you win long term you then if it's so difficuult? GOOD QUESTION!

You win long term by following a proven betting system that uses financial discipline and uses the odds against the bookies.......this is where we come into play.....a proven long term approach to winning in football betting.......welcome to SBWS.

This post below shows our results but I push you to look at our previous results(we don't always publish) and then go on and see the member reviews in our Telegram group here -

I have members who have been with me for over 3+ years and this means everything to us and it should also show new members how consistent we are. I have seen members in my group who are fathers tht give amazing concert tickets to there daughters with the profit earned....I have seen families go on vacation to buying new cars for young university goers.

This entire system is built so you can beat the bookies because what they do just isn't fair. They hold money above your head like a cat and you dangle around being toyed with. NOT ANYMORE. Join me and join our community! Join the telegram group or chat with me in the live chat on the website here and we can get you set up for £1 per day. BTW- my members made over +10 units already within 4 days into July! That means a profit of over £200 using £20 bets which is almost 7x more then my monthly membership! Once again join here or chat with my in the Live chat here to get started right away. The price will change to full price shortly.




AVG ODDS: 3.05

Best Streak: 70% strike rate within first 10 matches of June!


£10 Bets = £574 Profit

£20 Bets = £1,148 Profit

£50 Bets = £2,870 Profit

£100 Bets = £5,740 Profit

£500 Bets = £28,700 Profit

£1,000 Bets = £57,400 Profit

I don't typically show monthly results from our data but I have showed a sample below! See some of the runs we went on! Keep in mind, we only bet on draws and the avg odd are over 3.00!

The time is now to start making back the profit you have lossed from the bookies over the years!

We want to help you and there is no better time than now! Join the link below and chat with me(John) or chat with me here live!

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