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Q and A With A New Member!

Duncan is one of our newest customers. Duncan was on the fence on whether or not he should join so he tried us out for 7 days. Of course after these 7 days he was ahead close to $300 profit. From there he signed on with us on a monthly basis and profited $3500 in June!

Duncan was no exception and many students have results just like this. We asked Duncan to answer a few questions that many new members are thinking.Duncan take it away!

Q-Why did you get started in soccer betting?

Duncan- I always wanted to make a side income from something that didn't take much work and I am glad I tried this!

Q- What would you tell someone new that is on the fence in regards to joining?

Duncan- I think it is always a bit weird when you hear something that is almost "too good to be true" but that isn't the case here. It is a very logical methodology for winning and recouping your past losing results if that happens.

Q-What is your advice once you start with our team?

Duncan- I would suggest always make sure to have a healthy bankroll! I could easily have jumped into higher bets but didn't feel like it would have done me any good if I lost it all lol!

Q- Any last words?

Duncan: Thanks all and I look forward to winning more!

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