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Who Made Money In April?! We Did! Results!

Hi all,

It is that time again! What a roller coaster of month we just had. Many members would agree that we found ourselves in a very tricky situation as we went on a streak of losses that we have never seen coming or ever ran into before.

We had 16 matches without draws. That being said within these 16 "non" draw matches their was plenty of opportunity for "cashing out" early.

We have many members from all over the world in which over 95% of them are able to cash out early. Being able to cash out early used to be something that was just an option but when a streak of losses becomes apparent, cashing out early in order to recoup the previous losses is a must. For some members, cashing out early is not an option.

This is very unlikely as we have an over 95% member ratio of members outside USA which is the only country it seems to not be able to become a member of this great bookie. Reach out to me if you have questions about which bookie to use.

Total Results for the month of April are below:

Total Bets on Draws: 121

Correct Draw: 39

Strike Rate: 32%

We always keep a track record for every win and loss in a spreadsheet. For any inquiries about getting this full list, please message us at or visit our Twitter or Telegram group.

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