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Are You In The Right State Of Mind?

Everyday my team and myself wake up to people wanting to do a FREE trial. At that moment we are super excited for them because this means that they are ready to learn from the pro's and start following our system. We then move forward and ask the basic questions like "what bookie do you use, what is your bankroll size, what are your goals". 

We get this answer 70% of the time. "I am not ready to commit but want to do the free trial please". We then come to find out that this person doesn't have a big enough bankroll to even pay a small fee for our service and ultimately wants to use the funds from the trial to pay for our membership. This is not why we offer a trial. 

Please make sure that if you are going to try us out for free or decide to sign up with us, that you are in a position that allows you to be financially sound and in a comfortable position in your financial life. Just like the stock market and real estate industry, their is always a risk in anything that you do. The last thing we want is for you too only having enough bets for 2 matches and then have no funds to place bets with!

All good systems have days of losing so be prepared for that. We expect that new members will have a bankroll large enough to cover around 8 no draws matches in a row. This is very unlikely but it could happen. We look forward to adding you to our VIP community.

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