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The Draw System

Placing bets on draws has always been something that tipsters and cappers have stayed away from. At SBWS we look to pull away from the industry standard and noticed that there was a lot of value in draws if we were able to put together a system that could give us an edge for choosing them. After 100,000 matches and the use of AI technology to help us achieve our high standards we finally came up with a number of stats that gives us the most accurate way to choose draws. This is how we are able to have such a high strike rate and monthly profit.


Our bet/staking strategy plays off the martingale system that roulette uses. How is the martingale betting plan different then our at SBWS? Well, Roulette players play a round and if they lost their initial bet they would double their next bet. The player doubles there next bet in hopes to win and then recoup all their previous losses. Now this is a terrible idea because when you double your bet, you are hoping for pure luck from the dealer, casino, whatever in order to win. There is no edge and absolutely no logic behind this. 


We use a proven betting system with stats from over 100,000 games to make an educate decision on draws. With our betting system you will place a bet on the draw before the match starts. From there you will raise your bet by 1.5 if the match doesn't draw. You will continue doing this until a draw happens and then start back at your original bet. 

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