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How Much Profit Will I Earn?

Your not going to get rich over night, that is just a reality. But the reality is that when we look at our 400+ VIP members, they typically use a bet size of £20. When we determine our average strike rate which is between 35%-45% and the amount of draws we get each month which is around 35-40, then we can come to an average profit. That profit if between £1,200-£2,000 in 30 days. 

This means that these members are doing their absolute best to earn the most profit from these draws. They watch the matches and they cash out where applicable. These members also use the appropriate bet size depending on their bankroll and are able to get through the swings of no draw streaks.

Below you will see a table of our profits from at the time of writing this is 7 months ago. We also track all of the matches in a spreadsheet for deeper analysis.

July 2019 Results.JPG
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