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👏👏What a way to finish off the year of 2020!!!!👏👏

Let's not bullshit, 2020 was a pretty crazy year. The elephant in the room was Covid-19. Though I could ponder on the negatives in 2020, I would rather shed light on the amazing community we have created and keep our heads held high moving forward into 2021.

In reflecting back at the year, Yes it was amazing to win profits and crush the bookies but I also want to focus more so on you guys! It was amazing to see how the members, in particular in VIP, stuck together with positive comments and updates for how things were going in many different regions from all around the world. Yes we are a betting community but seeing how everyone as humans care for eachother on a deeper level was amazing to see! THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING SO AMAZING. We will do everything we can to continue smashing the bookies and providing you guys with profits in 2021!

December Results: This is exactly what we needed in order to finish off the month strong! Ultimately we had a pretty steady December in which our longest streak of "no draws" was only 5 which is very good! Our strike rate held strong at almost 40% and the average odds were 3.00 which put us in a fantastic position for making profit! We typically don't showcase every match we bet on but with quite demand for December we will make an exception this time around!

Total Tips: 115

Correct Draws: 44

Avg Odds: 3.00

Profit: +80 units with progressive bets or +17 units with flat bets!

Profit using £10 Bets: £800 profit

Profit using £20 Bets: £1,600 profit

Profit using £50 Bets: £4,000 profit

Profit using £100 Bets: £8,000 profit

Profit using £250 Bets: £20,000 profit

(Psss our membership is just £30 for 30 days!)

What I look forward to posting even more so then this is MEMBER REVIEWS AND HIGHLIGHTS DURING THE MONTH! Check out below for some of our members moment in our Telegram group(FREE TRIALS AVAILABLE IN LINK)!

Thank you all from the family here at Soccer Betting Win System and we are so excited for the new year to bring us more profits! Congratulations to all our long standing members for the new profits you have earned this year and we look forward to bringing you more success in 2021!


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