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February 2019 Results! Profit £1,386 And Over 35% Strike Rate!

Hi all,

February has come and gone and with a slow last February we were hoping this wouldn't be the case again. Overall our results for the month of February were:

Strike rate: 35% meaning we were correct over 1 of every 3 games played!

Profit Using £20 Bets: $1,386

Avg Odds: 3.10

Longest draw streak: 3

Overall not a terrible month. We stuck to what we do best and put the work in to identify tips that win profit for you guys.

We found this month, more then normal, many members we asking about effort and time needed to do well with this system. Along with this question, we hear "How much is the service?"

We always respond by saying, that isn't the right question to ask. If a tipster says its £10 for a lifetime membership but is terrible and will make you lose over £100 in 30 days then you my as well signed up for someone charging £100 and be break even. We charge an amount relative to what we believe our clientele can afford (DM me to find out). From here our goal is to help you become the best capper/better that you can be while making a secondary income from Football betting. We have every tip and daily results for anyone who wants a more detailed report as well! The below table is showing a snapshot of how we absolutely smashed the last few days of the month+Some great chat from our amazing community with reviews!

Join below for your FREE trial and starting following a system that works!

Onto another note--This won't be long but should be addressed. Many people have asked about the Coronavirus. Simple answer, we have enough games to make very good tips regardless for what is going on. Asia has surpassed it's peak of people ill and is already going back to work with leagues and clubs not far behind. Most of Africa and all of South America is still fine and we have many tips all throughout Europe that we are still giving. We believe Europe will probably have lock downs in counties (Like Italy) until the outbreak is controlled, within 30 days, and then matches will slowly get put back in. We don't need our count on those games to make educated decisions though.

We will keep living live and in due time everything will settle! Let's keep making that money and enjoy your time off for the ones who are at home! Also please wash your hands often and take care of your parents and/or people that are already ill. They are the 2% that we need to help!

And don't forgot to join below for your FREE trial and starting following a system that works!

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