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Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Pro Capper/Trader?!

A lot has changed since the early days of going online and offering our services to the masses at Soccer Betting Win System.

In the last 12 months we have grown to beyond 400 VIP members, started a Telegram group, added a new trader and recently started offering "in play and pre match bets" which has exploded with interest. Our success has gained quite a bit of attention which also means we get a lot of the same questions daily. We don't mind these questions because when first starting out in this industry, we had the same thoughts going through our head. I have addressed some of the most common questions below and discuss what you can expect in moving forward with us and also a sneak peek at one of our newer traders and how his life brought him to joining out team!

1. Expectations with Football/Soccer Betting

Before answering this questions you need to reverse engineer your habits and think about what time and effort you can actually put into this betting venture. Yes it’s true some people get rich quick and easy (not often) but most successful people put years of work into their craft along with sweat equity. Right now take a second and ask yourself these questions:

-What is your goal with betting? Is it for leisure or do you want to make an income in order to live off it?

-Depending on your answer above, do you have the necessary time to put into betting in order to achieve your financial goal?

-Based on your answers above do you have the financial resources(total bankroll) to earn the financial goal you may have or will it take a few months to attain? Put this on paper and figure it out based on our results and our bet size suggestions!

-If you want this to be a profitable side income are you ready to pay a monthly membership for the hours that my team puts in with researching these matches?

Now that you figured out your financial goals along with a timeline attached, it is time to think about what will happen during your membership with us.

2. Mental State! Can You Push Through?

As they say “If you want to be like the 1% then you have to be willing to do what the 99% of the population will not”. No quote is more true then this when looking at the betting world. If you want success then you need to understand that, just like in business, not everyday is going to be profitable or a winner and that you need to be patience and have belief that what your doing works and you will come out ahead in the long run.

Many people who start following a system have a few losing days or even weeks and then decide to pack it in and call it quits. We cannot stand that mentality! Don’t even bother joining or betting community or system in the first place if you can't withstand some losing.

3. Meet our newest trader, Justin! Advice to New Members.

Justin- Hey John, thanks for giving me the opportunity to chat more with you and give the community some insight on who I am and what I recommend.

John- Of course pal!

John- So tell us about your story and where you came to be in joining with SBWS.

Justin- Yeah, so I come from a background with a history of pro poker players and handicappers. For me I always wanted to live my life on my own terms while being my own boss. I saw what my father and brothers had and I knew from a young age that betting, in some shape or form was going to be something I did. Betting to me was never “gambling” as they say, because for me it’s always been an investment with an educated decision attached to it. I have never in my life thrown money at a bet without feeling that I have a backed reason for what I am doing. This was my mindset from a young age and I wanted to specialize in something where I could use this mentality to be my own boss.

John-Love it! So did you go into Poker first or what happened?

Justin-At first yeah! I loved it! I enjoyed being able to destroy a lot of the easy “fish” on a number of various platforms with very little research. I would wake up, play for 4-8 hours, make basic decisions with a little bit of stats analysis and overall ICM strategy and presto...easy money. Over time I fell out of love with poker and didn’t see the time vs reward with it for me anymore. A big reason for this was Black Friday but let’s not get into that.

John- Yeah, the members can Google it lol. So when did Football/Soccer Betting come into play?

Justin-I would say a year after I stopped playing poker(15 years ago now) I was trying to look up edges on horse racing and a number of other sports to see if my methodical approach from Poker could help me analyze another sport. I noticed that Football always had matches available and usually during all hours of the day which was intriguing to me as I have always stayed up for hours. I think that was the first moment I realized that this could be fun and something that was worth doing. I also realized that because there are so many leagues and matches from all over the world that I could easily find "edges + value" vs the larger bookies. I always remember thinking there is some guy at Bet365 analyzing the other bookies and trying to figure out the best odds+sim to put into the market vs me trying to find research that he could never find and overall capitalizing! In theory, this was a fun though but not even the slightest way on how things actually work lol.

John-Yeah that’s a good point Justin. So how did you learn what stats or events to look for in a match and what advice can you give members of the public?

Justin-People are so soft and such babies these days(not our members of course)! They have a few losing weeks and think that whatever method they are following doesn’t work and they end up quitting. It’s also important to note that I actually shadowed a mentor for 3 years and paid over $2,000 USD per month just to learn from him, so paying less then $100 per month is peanuts when it comes to learning. I say if you can afford it, go shadow a pro handicapper somewhere or join a Betting community like SBWS (hint hint lol) ask questions and commit. You have to understand that it takes work and you will come to realize this overtime. Be realistic with your overall goals based on the time you have to bet on football/soccer and then strive to hit those goals.

John- Good advice. So tell us the fun stuff and do you live through your laptop like all the aspiring pro capper think!? Do you travel the world and can you tell us what your worth?

Justin- Well John, I am never going to say my earnings lol but I can tell you it’s in the 6 figure mark. I actually just got married so a lot of time was spent(mental and physical) in planning that. For the last 15 years while betting on football professionally I traveled South America and actually lived with a number of other expats. We lived like "kings" as just a few pounds per day would go very far out there in these countries. I bought nice things, nice clothes, had woman and I went wild. But my profit also went down and I realized that I needed to be more serious with this and it just so happened around that time is where I met John!

John- You were a little nuts but I could tell you had something in you that would earn people a lot of money. That’s our goal here. We’re here to help and I give which in turn can help members generate profit and be able to live the life they deserve. It’s the real prize for me and I want to continue growing this community.

Justin- Yah I was put off at first when you asked me to join! I remember thinking, why would I educate people with my skills/secrets in betting and my services with a team and give our picks for under 100 pounds? Eventually after I met and saw the other handicappers on the team and what our members were saying, I knew that something special was here and I should join the cause.

John- Any final word to our community?

Justin- In conclusion I would say this. Just commit lol. If you can’t afford 50 or 100 pounds then you shouldn’t be betting in the first place. Get a job, save your money and then come back. If you do have the money then jump feet first and commit. Don’t be wishy washy and think about it and then leave and come back and then leave etc. This is what people with a losing mentality do and we are not like that nor do we stand for it. We won’t let you quit on yourselves but we also don’t want to have to convinces you to join as this is something that can change your life if you put the work in. We have proven templates to follow and if you listen and commit then you will be earning a lot of money in no time! We give new members a free day trial so they can see what that is all about but what I do notice, right off the bat is that new members who do well with us in the long term usually commit right away and just commit. Thanks for the time everyone, back to the grind!

John-Thanks pal and chat soon yeah?

4 Are You Ready To Commit?!

That was Justin and as you can see he is a great reflection for what we stand for. He works hard, keeps his head down and understands what it takes to be a winner.

The question is, are you going to commit now or are you going to keep contemplating? It’s time to take action and we are here available now to help you do that. Join the Telegram group below and message me when you get there. All the best guys and girls!

John Banstra

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