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I Can't Believe We Had 50 Draws Correct!!!

The month started off like any normal month but my god, did it ever end amazingly strong!!!

In the last 40 draw tips that we had tipped out, we had a strike rate of 42.5%!

In our last 27 draw tips we had 15 correct which meant our strike rate was 55%! Those strikes rates are absolutely insane and to be able to hit draws with that level of accuracy is next to near impossible without years of experience.

Our total profit on the month was over 100 units profit if following with our progressive betting system! If you followed with just using flat stakes you also would have earned a good profit! Check out our last 27 tips below!

Profit you would have earned depending on your bet size for October:

£5 bet size = £507 profit

£10 bet size = £1,014 profit

£20 bet size = £2,030 profit

£50 bet size = £5,070 profit

£100 bet size = £10,140 profit

We offer free trials to new members but typically like to offer 50% off for the next few days at just £30 pounds! In joining just in the last few days, you would have already earned this back!


Still not convinced! Don't take my word for it, see the VIP members reviews below! These are real people in our VIP Telegram group cheering because they are making money from the bookies! Day by day taking down the bookies!

NOW IS THE TIME for you to stop losing to the bookies and make the steps needed to take your betting career back. For just £1 per day you will be able to join the above in winning! Invest in yourself and join the below group. Then DM John! GO GO GO !

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