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JANUARY RESULTS ARE IN!!!! Profit +$1,360 in 30 Days!

Hi SBWS Nation!

It is always a pleasure to finish off another month with great results. This month was a steady 30 days with an average of 1 draw correct every single day. This created a steady climb in profit which eventually lead to a total of 95 tips, 34 correct and a profit of +68 units or $1,360 using just $20 bets. It also important to showcase that if you just used flat stakes then you would also be profitable instead of using the "progressive betting" system.

It is important to note, for the new people reading our results, that we use a progressive betting system. This means that we raise our bets by a multiple of 1.5 after each match until a draw happens. This method works, simple as that. We give you a set bet sizes based on your total bankroll so it is easy for you to follow and make a good amount of profit at the end of the month!

On the market today, there are very few ways of earning a consistent income from football/soccer. The major reason for this is because the bookies are constantly squeezing more "juise" out of every bet, especially with Bet365, William Hill and other top bookies. Even if you have a stat that is 9/10 pre match, the odds they give arent the "true odds" and overtime even if you get this bet right more times then not, you will be down profit. That is called making a decision that is NEGATIVE EV. Your goal is too look for tips that will be +EV long term and following our betting system does this.

Our betting system uses specific categories to analyze matches that we then alocate points too. We use something similair to a poison model but have altered it to be specific to football. Each category holds a different amount of importance to us which then gives us a total rating once all combined. This is a system that will reward people who follow our instructions for bet sizing. Stop losing to the bookies and put your foot down and join a companyt hat beats the bookies every month!

DM me on twitter at or join our telegram group where you will need to message me (John B) once you are there to get started!

Good luck at the bookies! Without following a proven system your going to need it!

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