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January Was Amazing! Over £1,200 Profit & +60 Units!

Every month starts off a little different. Sometimes it starts off a little slow and sometimes it starts off flying.

This month we started off a little slow but steady. We didn't have any major streaks of losses and no streaks of winners. All of a SUDDEN Jan 11th hit and BOOOOOOOOOOOM, we started absolutely smashing the bookies!

We did not hit a streak of more then 5 no draws in a row and had a 40% strike rate with average odds of over 3.05! People are so used to our insane strike rates but hitting anything over 30% is very hard to do and being able to do this, month after month is a massive feat! Big pat on the back to our team here!

Complete Stats For January 2021

Total Draw Tips: 132

Correct Draws: 46 Winners

Average Odds: 3.01

Profit: Over +60 units profit(1 unit = 1 bet)

Profit using £10 bets= £600 profit

Profit using £20 bets= £1,200 profit

Profit using £50 bets= £3,000 profit

Profit using £100 bets= £6,000 profit

**DM me via Telegram through the link below for the full results from Jan 1-Jan 31**

Below you will see a number of REVIEWS from our members and also our tips for the month of January above! What a month and we expect to continue doing this all year!

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Stop losing to the bookies! If you need to save up money to join, then save up and stop wasting your money on random bets. Saving your money now will enable you to profit in the future! We believe you! Join the group above and get started today!

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