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June 2018 Results! Can we Earns Over $1200 With Just $20 Bets!

With much anticipation we have had many people asking for our results and here it is!

At Team Soccer Betting Win System we bet much more then $20 but for the average member they do. Proof is in the pudding and this chart and graph prove this.


46% Win Rate

49 correct picks out of 108


We have some member who use $40 dollar bets along with 2 members who use $80 (We use on average $150-$200 spread bets between bookies). This means that our members using $80 bets earned over $10,000 in June. This is the goal that we want all of our members to achieve!

The first chart shows the amount we have bet(red) and totals wins for the day(blue) along with accumulated profit growing daily(green). The second chart below shows our specific games played every single day for June with specific bet sizes and profit earned.

For more information on specific matches, day by day, please contact us and we would happily forward these to you!

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