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October with The Most Profit To Date!!! Over £9,5000 Profit!

Wow time fly's when you are making profit! October was a great month while exceeding the most profit we have ever earned in 30 days along with having the most tips every given!

We want to thank all of our new members for joining the service and of course our long time members who consistently work hard and follow the betting instructions that we give! This system can be stressful, just like anything that is worth doing but if you stick to what we say and work hard then you will surely come out a head! People are constantly looking to make more money vs finding another day job and this system will allow you to do that!

The below show our tip results for the month of October!

* For all inquiries about joining our highly in demand system, then please join the below link and message me(John) when you join the group!

October 2019 Results!

Total Bets: 123

Correct Tips: 44

Strike rate: 36%

Profit(Using $100 Bets): $9,566.24

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