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Over £1,450 Profit In July! The Great Form Continues!


🚨Tips Total: 80

✅Draw Correct: 35

📌Strike Rate: 43%

📈Avg Odds: 3.05

💰 +65 units profit with our progressive betting method

💰Profit: +26.7 units with flat stakes

People thought it couldn't get any better then June....they were wrong! We continued our form into July and even had a run of 6 draws in a row at one point! People also doubted that we could sustain our strike rate(though we often do 35+% strike rate) of over 40% and guess again..we did it!

Our total tips for the month of July was 80. We had 35 draws with a strike rate of 43%. In looking at all our winning tips, the average odds was 3.05 and we hit over +65 units profit using the progressive betting system. Alternatively if you used 1% of your bankroll(1 unit) for each tip then you would have earned over +26.7 units! If you put these results into perspective, this is how much you would have earned base don bet sizes.

Progressive Betting Method:

£10 bets = £725 Profit

£20 bets = £1,450 Profit

£50 bets = £3,625 Profit

£100 bets = £7,250 Profit

Flat Stake Bets:

£10 bets = £267 Profit

£20 bets = £534 Profit

£50 bets = £1,335 Profit

£100 bets = £2,670 Profit

Many people who are on the fence will wonder what it's like to JOIN the "VIP" group. The best way for me to show you this is by showing our positive reviews and feedback from throughout the month. Below you will see a number of images from our our Telegram group showcasing our fantastic moments from our amazing community!


If you are sick and tired of losing your hard earned money to the bookies then it is time to switch it up and join with my team and finally start turning a profit! You deserve to be cashing out often and you deserve to be surrounded by other winners! Join the below link to get started today and DM me "John" and get 50% off right now! We already have 2 draws to start off the 1st day of August and we plan on absolutely smashing the rest of the month!

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