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Secrets Revealed! What Bookies Don't Want You To Know Part 2!

Wow is all I could say! A lot of people had sent me messages asking me for more in depth information in addition to my last post. I sent some of you information but decided that helping out my fellow traders and housemate is something that is even better! He had a brand new book that would have personally saved me thousands of dollars if I knew this right away!


Many of you know that we have a small team of tipsters that live together during different times of the year. Some do there individual bets and some are on our team. The author is not on our team and actually lives in Spokane most of the year. During this present time of "lock down" he decided that releasing this book would be good for a lot of people stuck at home and also a good time to give back. He had taught me almost everything that I know from a +EV standpoint and we grew up together playing pro poker.

At first we told him that he should be charging over $999 as the story of his career and the exact steps he uses to live off football betting is laid out in a simple to understand format.

The book has limited copies as rightfully so he doesn't want to saturate the market! The book is on sale for £19.99 and it's currently only available to members in the Soccer Betting Win system Community. Email us at or DM me on Twitter @systemsoccer or DM me through Telegram below to get your E-Book now.

The book is called-

"How To Make Thousands From Online football Betting! A Step By Step System That Reveals The Hidden Secrets Of Online Bookies And How To Beat Them In 2020!

Below you will find a few pages from the book! If your serious about betting and want to make a good living from it then this book is a must read.

-It’s Time To Go Pro-

“We must create our own world or we will die from inaction”

-Robert Greene

That night Johny told me he was going to bring me out. Though I loved partying, when I was back home, I never went out that much because I couldn't bring girls back home and hated having to explain the drunken night out with friends to my parents that next morning. I also had to wake up really early every morning and knew that drinking would kill my profit returns from poker. Johny told me that in order for me to keep going at the pace I was going, I would need to stop ever so often so that I could realize how precious life is. I needed to “chill out” and take a moment to be thankful for the little things in life that I had around me. I also needed to let loose

and blow off any built up steam that was drifting inside of me. Johny typically had garbage advice but this time was good and something I actually agreed with.

We got to the club and Johny had us go straight past the line. I remember feeling like “I could get used to this”. I felt important like everyone else had to wait in line but, because I was “special” I got through first. Johny threw me a beer with 3 shots lined up! He said “cheers buddy, welcome to MOTHERFUCKIN VEGAS!”.

A few hours in and many drinks later I was surrounded by women. I had always had a way with the ladies but everytime I said that I was a pro poker player, it was like they would love everything that I said. Back in Seattle, girls didn't look like this! I bought drinks for everyone

around me. The more drinks I bought, the more friends I made and the more girls would flock to me. Next thing I know I am making out with 2 girls at the same time and Johny is chanting “Legend, Legend, Legend”. Holy hell I could get used to this!

The next morning I wake up feeling like someone smashed my head with books all night. I look up and Johny is deep into thought while playing poker in the living room. I look over and see one of the girls I was hanging out with all night in my bed not having a clue for how she got there. I walked over to Johny and said “man last night was crazy”, he gave me a thumbs up as if he does that everynight and implied that what he is currently doing is way more important. I look outside and see that the Las Vegas strip is filled with shoppers and people spending their money on useless items. I get dressed and see a brand new watch on my luggage. I yell to Johny “Yo, your watch is on my stuff”! He yells back “no bro that’s your”! Welcome to Vegas BITCH!

-------SAMPLE PAGES-----

Chapter 9 -Current State Of Online Betting-

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart”

-Robert Greene

Chris picked me up in his shitty little van and we were on our way to his company's headquarters. The main head office is in the UK but they have a few offices in other countries, one of which is in Seattle, lucky me.

Chris was a trader for horses and completed his PHd thesis on stats based algorithms to beat AI learning. Chris was one of the guys where he did remarkable things but if you asked him to explain it, it made no sense. Chris was terrible at communicating but great at following instructions. If you said “Chris, make me a web scraper to collect data on every person that uses soap products in China”, he would do it for fun in his spare time. He loved computers and had a way at identifying how systems interact with everyday events. He would link car accidents to personality traits and laughter to environments. He was very good at putting connections together and especially good with collecting data in order to validate how something works or wouldn't work. Best of all, Chris was not biased. When he would come to a conclusion, it would be from data that explained it with absolutely no room for human error or emotions.

Later that day I went through his company's headquarters where I was able to convince Chris to let me in his personal office. Chris always tried to impress me and thought his cute little cubicle

would do that...I love Chris. While sitting in his cubicle I could see a few other traders looking at charts on their computers and then comparing them to times on a large whiteboard. I asked Chris, “What are they doing”? Chris told me that these traders had specific matches in regions around the world that they would overlook. They would use a service that would give them real time data that was linked to someone at the actual game. Chris told me that this data service isn't available to the public, which is the reason all live betting is a few seconds ahead of you when you are looking at the site. This happens in football when you are about to place a bet and see the screen goes grey or goes away for a second. This means that the person sitting there is giving a signal to the bookie and they are most likely updating a stat which is open to the public. I went off on Chris asking all about if the bookies ever lost, how many traders they have, how they adjust their betting market options and much more. Chris went on to say that beyond the quick communication from someone at the game they also have AI that uses millions of dollars worth of software that analyzes every single stat that would update the outcome of the game.

The software then analyzes every betting market in the world and makes a decision called the “true value”. Essentially if we had a perfect 50/50 chance for something happening then the odds should be at 2.00. This means if you bet $10, you would earn a total of $20 leaving you with a profit of $10. Chris went onto explain a number of different categories that the AI software uses to find out the true value of a match. One category that impressed me was that, for every match the software gets updated on, players will explain their emotions to a designated person in the club. This information is then relayed to the bookies headquarters before a match starts. Chris said that this is typically done with an app that each designated person at a club has access too. The team is given a small portion of proceeds every month which is of great use to

smaller club teams in many parts of the world. This is one example of a category that the AI software uses but Chris listed at least over 20 and he mentioned there are many,many more. I kept pushing Chris and said “yeah but what if someone could create their own way of predicting outcomes, couldn't someone live off betting? Chris told me that even if you think you could think of the “true value” for a football match, the bookies will always adjust the odds so they are much lower than what they should be.

For example, in looking at the game with a 50/50 chance of winning with odds of 2.00; You could spend $10 for each bet for a total of 10 bets and in reality you would be expected to win $50 profit which would mean you are break even as you would also lose $50 in 10 bets. What makes this even worse is that Chris said the bookies would change the “true value” from 50/50 and odds of 2.0 to 40/40 with odds of 1.80.

At first I didn't really understand how that matters. Chris went on to say that if you had a true value of 50/50 chance of two things happening that means you would need to win 6/10 times to be profitable at 2.00 odds. He told me that since the odds of this happening is already at 50/50 then in order for it to happen 60% of the time (60/40 now) you would need some sort of luck and inside information without the bookies knowing which is almost impossible in the present day. This type of information could be like player injuries before a game, family deaths that may affect a player for the game, equipment issues, illnesses etc. Chris went on to say that even if you had the luck of 60% winning a bet and had information that the bookies didn't know that the bookies also dropped the odds from 2.00 down to 1.80. They do this for every betting market! Now, because these odds have dropped, you're going to need to win even more than 70%(7/10

bets) of the time to just be up a little bit after 10 games. This would also imply that you somehow know that the bet you are placing should win 70% of the time when the bookie does not. Chris told me that the odds for that happening is close to 1 in 500,000 and even if you did find 1 betting market to do this on, there is no way you could sustain that and win over time. Betting on tips like this when over time you will always lose even if you are profitable in the short term is called Negative Expected Value which we will get into more below.

Feeling beaten as if there was no possible way of beating the bookies, I threw a hail mary and asked Chris my final question of the day. I said “Chris, if you were forced to bet on football and had $10,000 and you had no option but to bet and absolutely no way of saying no or using that money on anything else and you had a gun to your head, what would you do and how would you bet giving you the best chance of winning profit”? Chris looked at me and said of course you can beat the bookies. Chris went on to say that less than 1% of people have the patience or understanding of how the bookies actually work so they end up losing all their money but there is one way that will 100% win you profit. This is how you would do it…


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