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September 2019 Results! We Did It Again!!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

September has flashed by with a few downs and a lot of ups! We absolutely love September and our results are the reason why!

In a system like ours, it is common to have days where we get only 1 draw in 3/4 games and it can be easy to miss out on a few matches if you aren't putting in the work or paying attention. In September this almost never happened! In particular between September 21st-September 30th we had got 18 draws correct! That is just amazing work from the team here at Soccer Betting Win System which earned us over £3,000 in 10 days! To choose a draw is difficult already but to have a strike rate over 50% is unheard of.

Just like anything, it takes time and hard work to reap the rewards. We know our members want to earn a lot of profit so we help them make the right decisions day after day until eventually the are rolling in the profit! This can be you....

Below you will see our results and profit for September along with our bets from our amazing streak of draws from September 21st-September 30th!

I have also included a few moments during September where we had positive reviews from our great members!

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Amazing Draw streak from September 21st to September 30th! 18 draws in 10 days!!!

September 2019 Results Below:

Total Tips: 111

Correct Tips: 43

Strike Rate: 39%

Total Profit (1 unit = 1 bet): +83 units!!!

This means that if you used the below bet sizes, you would have earned the following profit!

£10 Bets = £830

£20 Bets = £1,660

£50 Bets = £4,150

£100 Bets = £8,300

£200 Bets = £16,600

£500 Bets = £33,200

September 2019 Total Tips Results

Check out our members reviews!!!

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