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📌Total Tips November: 127

📊Avg Odds: 3.11 odds

🎯Strike Rate: 38%

💶November Profit(using £100 bets): £7,077.28

✅Units Profit: Units: +70.7

Another month goes by and another 30 days of profit is earned by our members(shown above just a snippet from the month)! This month, much like many other Novembers can be tricky as we are leading into Christmas and alot of new leagues are starting etc. When that happens we don't change our mentality but more so keep our criteria for choosing draws very specific and wait for the correct games too tip out!

We had another very consistent month besides a spell of no draws at the very last day. We had a profit total of +70.7 units and for most of the month we were holding a strike rate around 50%!

We correlate 1 unit = 1 bet! Thats mean if you were to have used £20 bet then you would have earned £1,400 profit in 30 days! As you can see our members absolutely loved making this money and all the power to them!! Check out the celebrations during the month of November from our great members in our Telegram group below!


We had quite a few new members join us this month and we are so grateful for that! In having these new members join, we ensure that they understand the basics for our how to properly set up in order to be successful. In reminding everyone of these basics, I have listed out a few of them below. Keep in mind that this is not for people who are looking for the easy way to make profit(there is a reason only less then 10% of people who bet actually make money with football/soccer). You need to make a commitment that you will work hard and be disciplined! Check our our members reviews below from throughout the month!

Rule 1-Make the commitment to yourself that you will look at this venture like a small business.

Rule 2-Ensure that before you place your first bet that you know how many bets that you can afford with your bankroll. If you don't know then DM John in the Telegram Group or email/chat with us here or Twitter.

Rule 3-Understand that in betting, just because something has not happened in the past doesn't mean that it will not happen in the future. Betting can be unpredictable and though our stats reflect certain points, it doesn't mean that things will never happen. Just like anything in the world, we cannot control everything.

Rule 4-communicate communicate communicate! Like anything, in our betting group, it is way easier to keep disciplined and work hard when you have a community to back you. When you need that extra push just message the group or message John! We got your back so use the great community when you need it!

Get started today by joining the Telegram group below and messaging me, John when you get in.

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